Learn About Our Manufacturing Capabilities


Our manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Automatic Molding

Our automatic molding department provides 60 - 80% of the feedstock to the rest of the facility. This department provides molded tube stock to the CNC and automatic slicing departments. Through the automatic molding process we are able to produce sleeve stock of exacting size with virgin PTFE and all the various common and exotic filled compounds which are utilized within our industry.
To achieve optimum efficiency and accuracy, our automatic presses are custom built to Prolon's specifications.
Once molded, the pre-forms head to our sintering department where the microprocessor controlled ovens are programmed to cure our products with extreme accuracy. This produces a stress relieved pre-form which is now ready for either the machining or auto-cutting departments.


Prolon, Inc. extrudes virgin PTFE from 3/8" through 2" diameter. Besides supplying feedstock to our CNC departments. Our extruders also supply other screw machine shops with PTFE rod. Our rod is known throughout our Industry as extremely high quality and dimensionally stable and can be centerless ground to exacting tolerances.

CNC Turning

Prolon, Inc. currently employs CNC turning centers which have been greatly modified to optimize their productivity in the machining of engineered plastics. They are extremely accurate and can be programmed to meet your engineering specifications.
Once your product has been qualified, all tooling, programs, and gauges are categorized and stored for the life of the product. This ensures accuracy and repeatability for you and your customers.
We utilize these manufacturing capabilities to produce custom products to your specifications as well as many industrial standard products such as backup rings, wear rings, piston rings, and packing.

Automated Lathe Cutting

Automatic lathe cutting is the process Prolon, Inc. utilizes for the manufacturing of high volume backup rings, packings, and thrust washers.
High volumes are typically required to justify the tooling cost required for the automatic molding tool required. This department receives molded sleeve stock from the automatic molding department where the tube stock has been molded to specifications on the outside and inside diameters.
The automatic lathe cutting equipment has been specifically built to our specifications to produce extremely accurate cuts very efficiently.
We produce millions of rings for customers through this process annually.

Prolon, Inc is a leading manufacturer for custom PTFE products. Our goals include developing various markets to produce quality products at competitive prices along with the best possible customer service to our partners in business.

Prolon provides custom PTFE (Polytetra-fluoroethylene) (also known as Telfon™); products to a wide range of markets. Automotive, Electronic, Food Service, HVAC-R Control Valves, Medical, Fluid and Gas Control Valves are just a few. Prolon provides products to these markets Virgin PTFE and a variety of PTFE compounds as well as other engineered plastics such as Rulon®, Delrin®, PEEK, and more

The list of products available from Prolon is as diverse and long as each customer’s specific requirements may be. Product manufacturing is centrally controlled by the original program through CNC machinery. The result is finished parts repeatedly manufactured to the closest tolerances using materials and methods providing maximum performance at the lowest cost

In addition to virgin PTFE, we offer a full range of filled PTFE materials (glass fiber, bronze, carbon, moly, etc.) as well as other engineered plastics including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Nylon
  • Delrin®
  • PEEK
  • Polyethermide
  • Polyimide
  • UHMW

Our engineering staff is available to assist in the selection of the proper material for your specific need.