Dedicated to Manufacturing High-Quality PTFE Products


A Trusted Manufacturer of Custom PTFE Products

Prolon, Incorporated is committed to producing quality products and delivering them on time. Our dedicated customer service team assists with prompt and accurate responses on your order statuses to ensure fast delivery of finished products.

As one of the leading manufacturers of custom PTFE products, we aim to develop the market by producing high-quality products with competitive prices and providing the best service to the people we serve.

Our Services

At Prolon, Incorporated, we ensure our staff works diligently with our clients in prototyping a new product. We understand the attention needed to bring your ideas to life, which is why we follow strict processes and conditions during production.

Quality control procedures are in place to assure our customers of consistency in quality and on-time delivery. Throughout the manufacturing process, products undergo in-process controls and procedures to verify them each step of the way.

Our team uses Statistical Process Control techniques to test process capabilities. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can meet the most sophisticated client demands throughout the design, engineering, and production phases.

Some Common Applications

We offer an array of materials and are open to complex instructions. Here are some uses of our products:

Ball Valve Seals


Electrical Insulators


Pipe Couplings

Transmission Seals